Pieces in the Quaker Campus

31st Annual AIDS Walk Los Angeles draws student support

This is a news article recounting the AIDS Walk in Los Angeles back in October of 2015. The article recounts the walk and includes interviews from fellow walkers who wanted to share their experience.

Student by day, DJ by night: Senior Greg Carlson is Attello

This is a feature article about a Whittier College student who is also a part-time DJ. The article focuses on how Carlson evolved as a DJ and how this profession has impacted his life.


Pieces in the Imperial Valley Press

New School Year, New Beginnings – Imperial Valley Press Online: Local News

This article profiles a new principal in Winterhaven, CA. The article centralizes around his past experiences in education and what his plan is for the upcoming school year in a new school district.

“God Bless Chesty”: A Look at Marine Corps Boot Camp – Imperial Valley Press Online: Education

This article is another profile piece on a local man who published a book about his experience in Marine Corps Boot Camp. Mr. Andrews recounts how the book came about and what he hopes readers can learn from his book.


Pieces in Medium

The Bloody Ban Behind the MSM Blood Donation Ban

This article dives into the debate behind the MSM blood donation ban. I explore both the pros and cons behind both sides of the debate in order to show the audience a wide range of perspectives on the issue. Although the piece is serious, it is a feature human interest piece. I include a vast amount of facts that’s cushioned with interviews from blood donors as well.